Statement of Faith

I had a friend “find” me on facebook and under the Religious Preference field, she listed “Christian, Latter-day Saints” (apparently that hyphen is very important).  I headed straight to to find out what that really meant, and was shocked to find this.

What shocked me is that, with a few obvious exceptions (like the statement, “we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.”), this reads like the generic “statement of faith” most American evangelical churches post on their websites!  Honestly, I don’t know if half the Christians in America could tell that this document is the basis for Mormanism.

All of this makes me wonder if a generic faith statement is going to cut it anymore?  I know we shouldn’t make secondary issues primary, and we shouldn’t try to lock down those issues where the Bible doesn’t provide clarity, but there has to be something that separates us from what we perceive to be errant beliefs, right?

Then there’s this:


One response to “Statement of Faith

  1. Your concerns are valid. I came across this in the frustrating process of trying to find the scriptural basis for the statements in the apostles’ creed:

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