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2009: A Year of Prayer

Just heard John Piper preach a message on prayer.  He usually takes the last and first week of every year to devote to the issue of prayer.  This message was one of the best I’ve ever heard.  If you are new to John Piper, he is one of my favorite teachers.

Definitely inside baseball for Christians, but his insight and passion are undeniable.  I owe a lot to John Piper.  He once said that if you rake the leaves on the surface all you get is piles of leaves.  But if you dig deep, you might find diamonds.

Let’s make prayer part of our search for diamonds this year, and may we not be satisfied with leafy piles that will blow away at the first strong wind.


Small Group Wrapup 11/20/08

Great night last night…the Haags were there, hungry and weary from a long day.  Mary and I had just finished playing soccer at Berean Academy against the upper school students and were worn out too.  Mary, we learned later that night, busted her big toe during the game and it was swollen pretty bad.  Needless to say, we all had our reasons to check out for the night.

Not to mention that our homework (Lesson 4) was a bear for all of us.  Some of us totally guessed on our answers, and some of us blanked completely.  This class is tough sledding, for sure.  I tried to encourage all of us that the goal of our small group is not to get all the answers right!  It is to let some of these ideas land in our hearts in a way that produces fruit.

Also, we need to remember that we learn more as a group, wrestling with difficult concepts together, than we could do all alone.  That’s kind of the point.  That’s why I like going deeper…it forces our brains to get engaged, and it forces us to work together in community.

I love starting the night with questions, and leaving with smiles on our faces because we discovered new things during our time together.  That is fruitful labor.  We are softening the ground where those nuggets can be planted, so that one day, when we need them, they will be ready to harvest.

So, be thankful for your questions!  Our collective confusion is a glorious thing!  I’m sure if the ground had feelings, it wouldn’t like being tilled and softened.  But it won’t be any good otherwise.